What is AS 6081?

What is AS 6081

What is AS 6081?

What is AS 6081

This article will provide you relevant information about AS 6081 which is useful to the defense, space, and aviation sectors. If you want to learn the general overview of this standard as well as the requirements to be an AS 6081 certified organization, then we have got you covered! AS 6081 is published for the provision of a consistent set of methods, practices, processes, and requirements to minimize the risks that are inherent in the supply chain such as those involving counterfeits.

The objective of this standard is to protect organizations against the inferior quality of services and products that come from purchasing and availing of fraudulent and/or counterfeit electronic components. This standard came into prominence as a safeguard against the proliferation of numerous counterfeit parts that are circulating in the aerospace sector. These counterfeit components pose a risk to the safety, performance, and reliability of the products and services being offered by the aerospace industry.

AS 6081 lays out the guidelines, processes, procedures, and requirements for proactively determining safe and reliable electronic parts by incorporating methods such as reporting the confirmed fraudulent parts, inspecting the parts that are availed of, and controlling the situation upon discovery of counterfeit components. This standard, therefore, applies exclusively to the distributors of electronic and other necessary components for the production, manufacturing, installation, servicing, and assembly of products and services being offered by the defense, space, and aviation sectors.

Hence, test labs are not allowed to be AS 6081 certified but can only follow the guidelines and requirements in inspecting, testing, and evaluating electronic components relevant to the aerospace industry. AS 6171 is the specific standard that applies to test labs. Despite its limit to the defense, space, and aviation industry, the application of this standard continues to remain relevant in other sectors due to the standard’s provision of guidelines and framework which incorporates methods on the prevention of purchasing fraudulent and substandard materials.

AS 6081 provides processes that remain relevant to all sectors through the employment of best practices for the prevention of procuring substandard components that would disadvantage an organization’s production process.

What are the Requirements of AS 6081?

Quality Management System

To obtain an AS 6081 certification, an organization should first be certified by ISO 9001 or any equivalent standard assurance certification that provides a quality management system in their business processes.

Policies for Substandard or Fraudulent Components

An organization should have an outline of policies that prevent the said organization from purchasing or availing of fraudulent or counterfeit parts. The policy should also include the process of disposing and reporting counterfeit products upon determination.

A policy should also provide a control plan which documents and records the processes being employed by the organization for minimizing risks as well as disposing and reporting fraudulent parts.

Securing Proper Suppliers

An organization should maintain a list or register of trusted and approved suppliers to mitigate the potential of acquiring fraudulent counterparts.

Establishment of Purchase Controls and Supply Chain Trail

Part of being an AS 9081 certified organization is the establishment of documentation processes to provide control when it comes to purchasing fraudulent parts. By doing this, an organization could directly trace such suppliers who are accountable for said parts.